Kathy Leydon-Conway has been a corporate consultant, trainer and mediator for over twenty years. She sees herself as a facilitator of growth and change in her work with organizations, groups and individuals. She co-designed and co-facilitated the popular Nurturing Ourselves Weekend retreats for women from 1995 through 2000 and the One River Dialogue on spirit in the workplace in 2001. She has recently concluded a self-gifted sabbatical of renewal and replenishment.

Kathy has done advanced study with the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland, the Gestalt International Study Center and the Creative Problem Solving Institute.  She is a Colleague of the Creative Education Foundation.

Having initiated, led or joined women’s groups many times, Kathy passionately believes in the group’s power to support, focus and energize each individual and the whole. Both personally and professionally, she loves to use journaling, music, storytelling, movement, poetry and color as means of creative expression. 

As mother of three adult daughters, she is energized by the changes in her relationships with them and by the potential inherent in those changes. Her personal mission is to compassionately support herself and others in living their core truths.

Trish Perry is a psychologist and process consultant who approaches individual and group change through a deep interest in human dynamics, motivation and development.  She encourages a practice of open and curious listening:

  • Listening with your eyes, head, and heart, as well as with your ears
  • Listening for what is unsaid as well as what is said
  • Listening to understand and discover, not close down or prove wrong

Trish has done advanced study at Harvard University, The Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology and the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland.  She currently is working as a facilitator of dialogues and consultant to not-for-profits and educational institutions.

In her work with women, she continually is awed by their resilience, insight, and wisdom.  As participant in, as well as leader of, groups of women, she knows the power for transformation that can be unleashed when women gather together. And as a mother of two adult daughters, she is always discovering the rewards and challenges of the ever-changing story of their relationships with each other.
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