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Women's Wisdom Program
A Weekend Program

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Six Evenings or A Weekend Program

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A Weekend Program

Come, join us,
Take time to sit together.
Slow down, meet face to face.
Talk about what it means to be a woman – in this world, now, today.
Find the stories that connect us and tell us of our differences.
 Our issues and dilemmas.
Our options and paths
Our need for community and connection.
Start here.

Our purpose is to explore the feminine perspective, both individually and collectively; to evoke and provoke discussion and reflection; to unleash the energy of connection and community.

Our promise is to provide a unique experience, not a conference nor a training, but a conversation and exploration, a space where each of us will be seen and heard.

Our perspective is that our modern, high-stress, scattered lives don’t allow for the ordinary everyday connections that sustain us.  By maintaining and strengthening these connections, we reclaim the vibrancy essential to our wellbeing.

Over the course of the weekend we will have multiple opportunities to identify and talk about what matters to us and what keeps us from fully living the life we want. We will take time to look at where we feel in balance and where we feel out of balance, naming the ambiguities that most resonate for us, such as being both:

  • Bold and tentative
  • Grounded and wobbly
  • Controlling and Letting go
  • Needing solitude and intimacy
  • Indifferent and interested
  • Changing and constant
  • Accepting and questioning

All sessions and activities have experiential aspects. The sharing of and learning from our personal stories will be integral to the weekend experience. We will reflect on and express ourselves through writing, meditation, art, movement, music, dance, metaphor or poetry. Sessions will vary from individual to dyad to small and whole group activities.

Through our time together we will:

  • Deepen our understanding of the complexities in our lives
  • Claim the possibilities that arise from women’s connections
  • Acknowledge the importance of the wisdom we bring to each other and our world
  • Gather energy and ideas for what we want to do with this knowledge

We consider any woman of any experience to be a wise woman. She, her wisdom and her stories are welcome and wanted. Registration is limited to 20.

From Previous Participants:

  • It grounded me…reminded me what’s important in my life.
  • It validated my life – what I need/want to pursue and what I don’t.
  • The program got me to look at and think about things that I normally don’t spend much time on but I should.
  • Lots of epiphanies!


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And yet I am my mother’s daughter still. In her life,
I see an eerie and yet comforting precursor of my own
            - Nancy Friday, "My Mother, Myself"

Over the course of the Mother Sage women’s group, we:

  • Look back at our relationship with our own mothers
  • Define our current relationship with our adult daughters
  • Discover how we are more than mothers and daughters
  • Envision our future with our daughters

“Whatever it is called, whatever the agenda may be, if it is a circle with a center its members are witnesses, role models, and soul connections with each other.”
            - Jean Shinoda Bolen, “The Millionth Circle”

In the circle, we use writing, talking, creative expression, and reflection to learn about ourselves as mothers and daughters, inquiring into questions such as:

  • What do I carry from my mother? What does her voice still whisper in my ear?
  • What does it mean to me to be mother to my adult daughter?
  • What do I dream for my daughter? 
  • What do I yearn for in my relationship with her?
  • What “hooks” me into roles I no longer want?  How might I unhook myself?

“All women are full of their mothers’ ghost.  This is our conditioning…We are ‘hooked’ in ways known and unknown to us…What are the hooks in your life that go back to your relationship to your mother?  Can you see them in your relationship with your children? mate? sense of self?  How is mother still here in your life, every day? How do you get hooked”  
            - Julie and Dorothy Firman, "Daughters and Mothers: Making it Work"

Mother Sage is an exploration of the stories and dreams that we hold about mothers and daughters. It is about the ties that bind us, that are as ancient as myth and as new as our latest phone call.  They come from our personal history, society, and our cultural background.  They may be bringing us closer to our adult daughters or pushing us farther away from them…and ourselves.

This is an opportunity to create new roles that allow us to be still, and always, mothers, but sage mothers, mothers who offer space and support to our daughters and make space and support for ourselves.

“I see generations of women bearing a flame.  It is hidden, buried deep within, yet they are handing it down, from one to another, burning.” 
           Kim Chernin, "My Mother’s House"

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Join Us For Our Next Weekend Gathering (Friday evening through Sunday noon)

"I mean to live a simple life... but I do not."
- Anne Morrow Lindbergh, 1955

Do you find yourself taking care of everyone at work and at home?
Do you take time for yourself to reenergize?
Do you find it hard to take care
of your own needs and wants?
Do you even know what they are?

About the Weekend: As women we've been socialized to take care of others first - spouse, children, partner, parents, friends, boss, employees. We've learned that it's selfish to think of our own needs and wants. If we don't, who will?

Join us for for a Weekend Of Self-Renewal: exploring what it means to nurture ourselves. Together, we'll use music, collage, movement, journaling and storytelling to discover and create ways to:

* give without draining, abusing or depleting ourselves;
* better know ourselves
* be more effective parents, spouses, partners, friends, workers, leaders;
* fully give to ourselves in order to more freely give to others, our work and our world.

This weekend is designed as a self-care and support weekend and is not formal therapy or treatment.

Location: For a weekend program we typically use a casual retreat center located where you can take quiet time, be close to the healing aspects of nature, take walks, hike and stroll alone or with others.

Nurturing Ourselves can be specially designed for private groups and organizations.

Questions??? Just e-mail us for more information, a brochure, to be on our mailing list or to find out about bringing the Nurturing Ourselves Weekend to your private group or organization.

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